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The thing is about traveling, it’s addictive.

Had you ever asked your self where do you actually belong? When things around you seems so familiar but yet it feels strange to you?
“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” - Saint Augustine 
A quote that I’ve held tight since the first time I read it. And I hope you do too.  The thing is about traveling, it’s addictive. Here I am writing in my room wishing to fly again, when I am suppose to study for my finals next Monday. 
But, how are you suppose to hold back the feeling to wander, to explore, to create adventures?  I don’t think it’s a strange feeling for us, travelers. 
The thing is about traveling, it’s addictive. Don’t you agree? 
What do you love the most about traveling? One of the things I love about traveling is somehow the airports. Airports are just like huge gates where your normal life enters a new dimension in just minutes (or maybe hours for those who had troubles with immigration stuffs (totally feel you)). But, do you get what I’m trying to sa…

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